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Get To Know The JSP Team

Am I already booked on your date? This is why I started the JSP team and I truly - CANNOT explain how amazing, talented and artistic these girls are. Bubbly fun and bright, they are all more than capable of giving you an amazing JSP experience, even if I am not able to be there. (I promise,I entrusted them with my own wedding!) Keep scrolling to meet the girls!

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to. These fantastic ladies can give you that. Here is what they are all about.

JSP team is something I've dreamt about and made reality three years ago, when a bride was so bummed I was booked but REALLY wanted my editing style. The idea popped in my head, and began the search for nothing but perfection to add to my team, and oh I found it!

There is also a discount when booking with the team.

JSP Photographers are four gifted individuals who give you the JSP experience, have the wedding knowledge and capability same as myself, and give the raw images for my eyes only to edit and deliver to you with that editing style you dreamed of. Here is some of their work, with my editing - as well as their bio's!

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Lexi is just as sweet as she is talented. Extremely thorough and reliable, like all the girls, I just have no worry in my heart when my brides are with her. She gives such beautiful, crisp imagrey all while being your fav hype girl! She is down for ANYTHING!



Emily is so outgoing and passionate about her work. She can make anyone feel comfortable and takes "were an awkward couple" as the best challenge. Emily is extremely talented with any form of light and has mastered the ability to make any situation artistic and beautiful.



Natasha is so sweetly gifted. Her voice may be soft but her talent is LOUD. She pours her heart into every wedding and studies all your likes and dislikes like the SAT's ! She wants nothing but to have you raving about your marvelous experience here at JSP.